oil on canvas or on paper

Grace J. Monard
Grace J. Monard was born in Belgium. After Brussels and London, being multilingual, she abandoned her professional career to devote herself to painting (and music) and settled in the South of France . Where she lives and works in the Provence since 2000.

Although she studied 'movement drawing' at Central Saint Martin's College of Art in London, she considers herself self-taught and free from any 'artistic regulations and traditions'.

Grace explores the relation between music and painting. The transformation from "sound" into "image".

According to the artist:

A rational approach to painting takes away its magic.

It's more important to feel (or not to feel) ...,

to try to establish a 'dialogue' with the work.

My paintings are borne from emotion. They don't search to explain, to protest. They are a search for beauty, for harmony.

My paintings transform musical pieces into 'cosmic landscapes from within' remaining as close as possible to the core of the musical piece, its specific expression and atmosphere.

As a musician and a music lover the strong connection between music and my paintings feels natural to me.

Music being the ultimate abstract artistic expression my work could not be anything else than abstract ....

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